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Subject: Re: [cti-stix] STIX timestamps and ISO 8601:2000

On 23.11.2015 13:01:15, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> All timestamps should follow the exact same mandatory format. Having
> optional different representations of things, is why STIX is so
> complicated and we have agreed to move away from that direction.
> Surely, for something as simple as a timestamp, we can make some
> progress here and all agree on one mandatory format....

To me, that's the entire point. Agree with you 110%.

> On the other hand, if people think this is silly because hardly
> anyone can produce nanoseconds, then we should drop nanoseconds and
> only include milliseconds in the mandatory format until such a time.

I don't insist on nanoseconds. I thought there was demand and since
the bits are cheap, why not futureproof? Since it seems I misread the
general consensus, let's standardize on nanoseconds and be done with
it. The point is a) let's have one clear way to do it and b) let's
take a decision so we can move on to other topics.

Trey Darley
Senior Security Engineer
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Soltra | An FS-ISAC & DTCC Company
"It is always possible to aglutenate multiple separate problems into a
single complex interdependent solution. In most cases this is a bad
idea." --RFC 1925

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