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Subject: RE: Proposals for STIX, TAXII and CYBOX Subcommittees

Dear all,

> that as well at this time.  If you would like to remove your name from
> consideration please let us know as well.  If we have more than two
> (...)
> Subcommittee Name: STIX
> Proposed Purpose: To maintain and enhance the STIX language.
> (...)
> Currently Proposed Co-chairs (pick two):
> *         Sean Barnum
> *         Aharon Chernin
> *         Bernd Grobauer
> *         Terry MacDonald

I feel very honored by the nomination as candidate for the
STIX subcommittee co-chair. Unfortunately, with my current
work load, it would be impossible for me to carry out
this task with the focus and diligence it requires.

I therefore must remove my name from the list of candidates :(

I can promise, however, that I will remain active as
a contributor to the Oasis CTI effort in these exciting times!

Kind regards,


Siemens AG
Corporate Technology
Research & Technology Center

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