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Subject: Re: [cti] CTI-Outreach Sub-Committee Nominations/Discussion

Hi Rich,

There is a great symmetry occurring here on a global

The first day of the annual cybersecurity workshop
was held this afternoon here in Sophia Antipolis in
France's approximation of Silicon Valley in the hills
of Valbonne, France.  There are people here
from around the world, but this afternoon was somewhat
Euro centric with key officials describing what was
essential to regional and national cybersecurity.  Perhaps
not by coincidence, cyber threat intelligence sharing
was at the top of their lists - along with security assurance.

The four people who were engaged at this session were:

o Florent Frederix who heads the key Network Information Security
(NIS) initiative of the the European Commission and has some
responsibilities at the Directorate level similar to Rich Struse's as
the execution arm of the EU cybersecurity strategy - the analog
of the White House's framework initiatives.

o Chris Ensor who heads up cybersecurity work in the UK's CESG
organization - also similar to Rich's responsibilities.

o Marc Henauer of Switzerland's MELANI organization that is
similar the principal Swiss threat intelligence sharing body.

o Edri an Belmonte, who plays the lead role in this area

All of the presentations except Cris Ensor's are available at:

In the discussion session following the presentations,
speaking at the ETSI TC CYBER threat intelligence
sharing rapporteur, I had the opportunity to explain
the creation of the new TC CTI committee and how the
platforms being pursued in CTI were proven best-of-breed
models and structured information sharing specifications
that provided an ideal match to each of their objectives.

It was quite amazing how each of the parties - even in
Europe - was rather independently pursuing similar

We also discussed how the work of TC CYBER was to
survey the global cybersecurity ecosystem and make use
of the most successful existing standards and not pursue
duplicative work.  Everyone seemed in agreement, and
going forward, there seems like an excellent basis for
convergence with the CTI work now getting underway.

There will be further discussion at the workshop over
the next two days as well as definitive actions at the
TC CYBER meeting on Thursday and Friday.  It was
a good beginning that was continued usefully over
local provence wine and hors d'oeuves this evening
(and setting a useful precedent for future TC CTI
physical gatherings).


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