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Subject: Re: [NEWSLETTER] Re: [cti] Comment Resolution Log for STIX 2.1 CSD 05

On 15.01.2021 10:17:24, Bret Jordan wrote:
> I have not seen or heard anyone say anything else about this.
> So I move that the TC accept these changes and produce a new version of
> STIX 2.1 that includes these non-material changes that came in via public
> review and open a ballot to approve this new version with non-material
> changes as a Committee Specification (CS).
> Thanks,
> Bret
> PGP Fingerprint: 63B4 FC53 680A 6B7D 1447  F2C0 74F8 ACAE 7415 0050
> "Without cryptography vihv vivc ce xhrnrw, however, the only thing that can
> not be unscrambled is an egg."

I second this motion.

Trey Darley
Co-chair, OASIS CTI TC
Systems and Security Architect, CERT.be
Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit. --Seneca
CERT.be / Centre for Cyber Security Belgium
Mail: trey.darley@cert.be
GPG: CA5B 29E4 937E 151E 2550  6607 AE9A 7FF2 8000 0E4E
Web: https://www.cert.be
Under the authority of the Prime Minister
rue de la Loi 16/Wetstraat 16, 1000 Brussels - Belgium

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