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Subject: Accenture Security STIX 2.1 Statement of Use

Dear CTI TC Chairs and members,


As Accenture’s primary OASIS representative, I approve the following Statement of Use:


Accenture Security has successfully implemented STIX Version 2.1 Committee Specification 02, approved 25 January 2021, in accordance with the conformance clauses defined in Section 12 and Section 8, respectively. This implementation includes the verified interoperation of multiple independent implementations.


Specifically, we have implemented the Indicator SDO as defined in Section 4.7 as well as the relevant subset of the STIX Patterning Language as defined in Section 9. This implementation has been verified with at least two other independent implementations.


Best regards,




Rob Coderre  |  Security Principal Director

email:  robert.c.coderre@accenture.com 

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I am sending this email at a time that is convenient to me, it does not imply that you must respond outside of your normal working hours.


This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise confidential information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of the e-mail by you is prohibited. Where allowed by local law, electronic communications with Accenture and its affiliates, including e-mail and instant messaging (including content), may be scanned by our systems for the purposes of information security and assessment of internal compliance with Accenture policy. Your privacy is important to us. Accenture uses your personal data only in compliance with data protection laws. For further information on how Accenture processes your personal data, please see our privacy statement at https://www.accenture.com/us-en/privacy-policy.


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