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Subject: Change coming to the handling of Individual CLAs for Open Repositories

TC Chairs,

I am writing to give you advance notice of an operational change I am making. This change affects the Individual CLAs for Open Repositories. I am contacting you because your TC has at least one Open Repo at https://github.com/oasis-open. Please share this with your maintainers and others as appropriate.

Currently, someone who wants to make a contribution to an Open Repo must go to a web page on the OASIS website and fill out a form which adds them to a local database. This data is not tied to GitHub in any way and so a maintainer is expected to do the extra work of confirming that the person has signed the ICLA before approving their pull request.

We are preparing to shift this to CLA Assistant (https://cla-assistant.io/), aka the "bot" or the "CLA bot." The CLA bot works simply; when a contributor makes a pull request on an open repository, the bot checks the person's GitHub ID against the CLA database. If the person's record is already in place, it indicates that the test has been passed. If, however, the bot doesn't find the ID, it pops up a message requesting that the person click the link and sign the CLA. They will be directed to a page like this one - https://cla-assistant.io/opencybersecurityalliance/oca-admin - where they can scroll down and fill in the data. This way, when the maintainer looks at the pull request, they will see right away if an ICLA has not been filed. Much less work for them.

When I set up the CLA bot, I will import the existing ICLAs for Open Repos so that none of your current contributors are asked to re-sign the form. I do ask your patience, though, should some glitch cause a contributor's info to not be recognized. The content on the bot form is the same as the existing form on the OASIS site (some reformatting involved) and it only takes a second to resubmit it.

Thanks & please let me know if you have any questions.ÂÂ




Chief Technical Community Steward


+1 201-341-1393

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