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Subject: Inconsistencies between DITA 1.3 and LW DITA?

While I was developing the RELAX-NG version of the LW DITA DTD, I came across some inconsistencies between the LW DTD and DITA 1.3. I wasn’t sure if these were by design or not, so I ran them by Mark Giffin. Here’s his response:
On 10/27/2016 11:10 AM, Tim Grantham wrote:
Hi, Mark.
We should fix this. We agreed in last meeting to make RNG the main schema type, can you add this and the other zero-or-more items below?

see above.

We need this for the specialization template I believe. If you have an argument against it, please bring it up in a meeting or the list.

Good question for the list or a meeting. I don't recall what was decided on props. My impression is that we just want LWDITA to be simpler, and so left it off.

This probably need to be added, I may have missed it. Good question for the list.

See above about zero-or-more.

See above.



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