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Subject: RE: FW: FW: [dita] indexing question

G'day all

I'm relatively new to this TC, and have been lurking for a little while to get the lay of the land.

I may have missed some of the indexing debate, so please forgive me if this suggestion has already been floated.

With respect to the index range "sub-debate", if an <indexterm> had a "grouping" attribute, could that be used as a means of identifying a range? For example, the prolog of five topics might include <indexterm range="alpha">term1</indexterm>. If an output included those topics in a contiguous block, and ended running across four pages of a PDF document, the processor should be able to note the common "range" attribute, and thus know to present the index keyword as "term1 pp13-16", rather than "term1 13,14,15,16". If the topics were not contiguous in another output, the index could still be correctly presented as "term1 29, 34, 90, 93", for example. 

I think this would still work for inline use? The processor could work on the logic that if term1(alpha range) appeared on pages 4 and 5, the term would appear in the index as 4-5. If the term without the "alpha" range attribute also appeared elsewhere on page 5, the index would appear as "term1 4-5, 5".

The downside is obviously the extra overhead in inventing range attributes, but it may be an easier pass in having indexterms spanning blocks across topics.

Hope this makes some sort of sense!

Tony Self

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