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Subject: Issue with names of navref element and mapref= attribute

I just noticed that the navref element, which is used to link from one 
map to another map, uses "mapref" rather than "href" (e.g., as used on 

It seems to me that we should be consistent in either using href= for 
all addresses (my preference) or consistent is having the name of the 
referencing attribute indicate the nominal type of the target.

Of course, by the same token, "navref" is not a very good name for the 
element, which should probably be "mapref" (to be parallel with 
topicref, for example).

Too late to address this in 1.1 but we should log it for post 1.1.


W. Eliot Kimber
Professional Services
Innodata Isogen
8500 N. Mopac, Suite 402
Austin, TX 78759
(214) 954-5198


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