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Subject: Re: [dita] 12005 supports 12052--adding DITAArchVersion to the ditaelement

Sorry, I guess I was being too Socratic late last Friday, Paul.

The context was Robert's statement ,"
I've found it odd that <dita> is the only element in any of my stylesheets which is referenced by name, so adding @class does make some sense," with which I thought you agreed.

Hence my xslt stylesheet references.


Grosso, Paul wrote:

-----Original Message-----
From: Dana Spradley [mailto:dana.spradley@oracle.com] 
Sent: Friday, 2007 April 20 17:42
To: Grosso, Paul
Cc: dita@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [dita] 12005 supports 12052--adding 
DITAArchVersion to the dita element

Isn't dita the only element that should be reference by name 

I don't understand the context of this statement.  My users
refer to topics and reltables and lots of dita elements by name.

- since it isn't specializable via a class attribute?

Agreed, it isn't specializable.

And couldn't its topic children be in different languages? 

Yes, and different paragraphs in a topic can be in different

Does the dita element have any strings in languages of its own?

No, but xml:lang is inheritable by descendant elements, so it
could still useful to be able to put it on the topmost element.
If you are going to put xml:lang on topics, then that will 
override anything on a dita element, so having it on the dita
element won't hurt.  But being able to put it on the dita element
to provide a default language for contained elements seems reasonable.

I'd expect you'd process dita children using an xsl:if 
test="dita", xsl:for-each select="dita/*"..., or something like that.

I'm unclear what this has to do with the discussion, but there
are lots of ways of processing dita documents.  Some ways aren't
even necessarily XSLT (editors, CMSs, non-XSL composition, etc.).


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