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Subject: MIME type for DITA - RFC (draft 2)

Hi, Mary, Jamie, and DITA TC:

Here's a second draft of the RFC for consideration at next week's meeting:

(See attached file: DITAMIMETypeRFC.txt)

I've added a brief section about fragment identifiers and included the additional points and corrections from review.

Many thanks to Gershon Joseph, Jeff Ogden, Mary McRae, Paul Grosso, and Robert Anderson for the fast and close review.

Erik Hennum

Mary McRae <marypmcrae@gmail.com> wrote on 05/06/2008 10:11:41 AM:

>   Just a small note – all RFC filings must go through the OASIS
> staff liaison (Jamie Clark). Contact information is always to OASIS
> rather than individual TC members. When this is all set and the TC
> is ready, please send to Jamie and he will ensure that proper steps
> are taken to register the MIME type.


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