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Subject: Chunking: resource name selection based on @keys

Referring another DITA 1.3 spec comment to the TC for discussion.

The chunking process can be used to create split or combine source documents, and the spec topic provides a set of rules to follow for determining the new name for those resources. Eliot has suggested adding a new rule to the list, but it contains normative language so I don't think it can be added without TC approval.

I've already incorporated a couple of suggested minor wording edits here. With those changes, the lead-in text and items one through 4 make up the current language. I've copied in Eliot's suggested change after item 3, including the commentary from DITAWeb.

To view the list (and comment) in DITAWeb, see


Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit (http://www.dita-ot.org/)

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