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Subject: RE: [dita] Slide deck that I used for ConVEx: A starting point for the TC Webinar?

I listened to your recording today. Great overview. I have a couple of thoughts.

- We need to emphasize that the initial release of DITA 2.0 is the Base edition. Along with that, we need to have a firm (or nearly firm) date for release of the Technical Content edition.
- You did mention splitting off Learning and Training and Machinery Task to specializations. We might want to encourage vendors to take an active role if they have clients who need these.
- Call out specific tasks that vendors should perform, such as integrating and testing DITA 2.0 in their products.
- Call out specific tasks for different types of vendors, such as consultants working on conversion scripts, or stylesheet updates.

Let me know if you need help with the slides.

Deb Bissantz
Manager of Content Services
GlobalLink CCMS
A TransPerfect Company
t +1 717.793.3883
Skype â live:dbissant

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