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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Questions Concerning Style Sheets

Holger Rauch writes:

 > Since I'm relatively new to DocBook and the DSSSL style sheets, I'm
 > having a few questions (I've already read some introductory material,
 > 4. Is it possible to use color in table cells belonging to the heading of
 > a table? 
in jadetex, no

 > 8. When I convert tables to TeX, then process the file using jadetex,
 > converting it to PostScript using dvips, and then preview it using "xdvi",
 > the situation concerning table formatting is even worse. Parts of the

tables in jadetex are not bad, but they are not good either

 > outer frame are missing (despite of frame="all")
regard it as a feature that excessive framing is not supported.

 > 9. The page break algorithm seems to be pretty bad when converting a
 > document to RTF or TeX. I had several situations where a heading was
 > displayed as the very last line of a page.
its a perpetual bugbear in jadetex. sometimes, when one looks at a
particular document, it boils down to lack of any `looseness' in  a
page design, which forces TeX to make a least-bad choice (which, to
it, means leaving the heading on the end of the page). I have yet to
make jadetex 100% obey the `keep together' directives


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