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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Questions Concerning Style Sheets


Since I'm relatively new to DocBook and the DSSSL style sheets, I'm
having a few questions (I've already read some introductory material,
including "Using DocBook" by Jorge Godoy and execerpts from some DSSSL
tutorials. My configuration is as follows:

- SuSE 6.2 (glibc 2.1.1 based)
- root dir for DocBook stuff: /usr/local/sgml
- binaries are installed in /usr/local/sgml/bin, which is included in my
- openjade-1.3 and jade-1.2.1 are installed in
  * /usr/local/sgml/openjade-1.3 and
  * /usr/local/sgml/jade-1.2.1
  (below each of these subdirs is a dsssl dir for the accompanying style
- DocBook 4.1 is installed in /usr/local/sgml/docbk41
- The ISO entity sets are installed in /usr/local/sgml/iso-ents
- I'm using JadeTeX 2.7 in conjunction with teTeX 1.0
- I'm using the Modular DocBook style sheets from Norman Walsh, version

Ok, so here are my questions (thanks in advance for taking your time):

1. Why does all text come out left justified instead of justified? And
how can I change that so that the standard alignment for paragraphs is
justified rather than left justified?

2. What about hyphenation? When I converted a document to either RTF or
TeX using

jade (or openjade) -t rtf|tex -d
/usr/local/sgml/dsssl/docbook/print/docbook.dsl <my_doc>

and then processed it with jadetex

jadetex <my_doc>

my document is not hyphenated at all. Why? (My document is in German, so I
included lang="de" as an attribute in the article tag)

3. How can I use Unicode encoding instead of ISO8859-1 on Unix, or code
page 850 on Windows, respectively? (I noticed that there is a
"unicode" dir in the Jade/Openjade distributions, but I couldn't figure
out how to use Unicode in my document). I prefer Unicode because it
eliminates the need to deal with different encodings.

4. Is it possible to use color in table cells belonging to the heading of
a table? If so, how?

5. Are there any free (and good) WYSIWYG programs available for writing
DocBook documents in addition to LyX and tksgml?

6. How can I produce a table of contents in an article? (<toc></toc> does
NOT work).

7. Why is the align and the valign attribute ignored when converting a
document to RTF? Even though I specify align="center", the column still
appears left justified. When I specify valign="middle" in conjunction
with morerows="1", the column still appears on top of the cell and not in
the middle, as it's supposed to be.

8. When I convert tables to TeX, then process the file using jadetex,
converting it to PostScript using dvips, and then preview it using "xdvi",
the situation concerning table formatting is even worse. Parts of the
outer frame are missing (despite of frame="all"), the alignment attributes
are either ignored or interpreted in the wrong way. (valign="middle" leads
to missing parts in the table frame, align="center" causes two cells to be
displayed, one that's empty and one containing the text left justified.)

9. The page break algorithm seems to be pretty bad when converting a
document to RTF or TeX. I had several situations where a heading was
displayed as the very last line of a page. Another strange thing
that occurred to me was that the heading of a table was displayed as the
last line of a page. Why does this happen?

10. The revision history of a document is formatted poorly. There is no
space between the revision number, the date, and the author initials. (I'm
referring to the print version of the style sheets). Why?

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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