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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: disappearing header

Thanks, Thomas,

This is the worst output I get so far :-( just a little part of the page
in a corner...
I stress that my original format is A5, though it appears in a bigger
page size (USletter ?) when viewed with gv.


Thomas Andre Berger a écrit :
> camille@mandrakesoft.com writes:
> > Nobody replied to my message, I then post it again.  I also tried
> > dvipdf utility, it gives once again the same result.  I guess the
> > problem is then in jadetex...
> To generate postscript, we use the acroreader.  It works well for us.
> Use the -toPostscript option to convert your PDF to PS.
>  -toPostScript [options] -pairs pdf_file_1 ps_file_1 ...
> See "acroread -help"
> --
>  Thomas A. Berger

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