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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: indexing in XSLT for HTML?

Hi, DocBook Gurus:

We're exploring using the DocBook XSLT scripts to convert
from XML to HTML.

Do the base XSLT scripts support indexing?

(My apologies if this is an old question.  I didn't see
it in the archives.)

I tried putting some <indexterm> elements in a sample 
document but got no index output.

Looking at html/index.xsl, it looks like the index elements
are all noops.

We'd like to treat an HTML index as you'd expect:

o  When chunking the output into files, we'd like to generate a 
   separate HTML page of index entries for each letter of the 
   alphabet and, across the top of each page, provide a 
   horizontal list of thumbed letters that are linked to the index 
   pages (with the current letter highlighted and unlinked).

o  When generating a single output file, we'd like to append
   the list of index entries to the end of the output.

o  The index entries would be links back to index targets, which 
   would be anchored (and specified by filename if chunked).

Are there plans for index support?

Are there any workarounds in the meantime?

Thanks for any information or suggestions,

Erik Hennum

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