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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Docbook stylesheets with Saxon

I'm having character encoding problems,
and want to move my last app using xt over to Saxon.

I know Norm's fallback solution works in terms of chunking
the html output, but since I have DTD's declared / referenced
from all the source files, I'm unsure about calling Saxon
and still getting Norms catalog support.

My present command line reads

java -classpath /myjava/cat/catalog.jar;/myjava/cat/catalog-apps.jar;/myjava/xp.jar;/myjava/xt.jar   -Dxml.catalog.files=/sgml/catalogx -Dxml.catalog.debug=3   com.arbortext.xsl.sax.Driver %1 /sgml/xsl/nw/website/xsl/chunk-website.xsl op.html using.xt=1

 From which I see I call up com.arbortext.xsl.sax.Driver, i.e.
Norms catalog supporting version of xt.

Has anyone combined using Norm's catalog java 'stuff' with
Saxon (or anything else other than XT?)

If its not possible, does anyone know how these two beasts might
be combined?

TIA, a very-much-non-java-head, DaveP

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