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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: PSGML source moved to Sourceforge

Eric Richardson <eric@milagrosoft.com> writes:

> Hi. Is there an alternative to psgml for editing xml/sgml in emacs?
> I have xslide for dtds.

There's Norm's DocBook-specific IDE:


But if you ask because of the problem you mention below (working with
XHTML), I guess that's not going to help you.

> I had problems with XHTML and the xml:lang attribute. It didn't
> seem to understand namespace syntax.

I remember hearing somewhere else about this (psgml not liking the
xml:lang attribute). But I'm sure it's not a problem with psgml
itself, but instead a problem specific to your environment.

I say I'm sure because I do all my XHTML authoring in Emacs/psgml and
have no trouble using any of the XML DTDs (transitional, strict,
frameset). Psgml parses all of them without squacking, and lets me
insert the xml:lang attribute anywhere the DTDs say it's valid.

What exactly is the error message you're getting?

  --Mike Smith

Michael Smith          mailto:smith@xml-doc.org
XML-DOC                http://www.xml-doc.org/

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