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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: dbmathml processing problem

Norman Walsh writes:

> It's my bug. I convert all unknown tags into "<tagname..." so when
> Bernd says xt outputs <mml:math>, I think he really means PassiveTeX
> outputs <mml:math> because xt outputs "&lt;mml:math&gt;".

I apologize for the bad phrasing and the resulting confusion.

> I've added support for MathML; it's now passed silently through and
> PassiveTeX does indeed do the right thing (for presentational MathML,
> anyway :-)

Thanks! I incorporated the patch.

The web page on PassiveTeX says that "PassiveTeX interprets MathML
natively (elements must use the MathML namespace)." But PassiveTeX asks
me for a file named mathml2.xmt. dbmathml includes mathml2 instead of
mathml, and dbmathml uses mml: instead of m: as a namespace prefix for
MathML. I coundn't find a corresponding .xmt file in the latest
PassiveTeX distribution which I could adapt to get things working. What
can I do at this point to make the testmath example running?

Thanks for your support


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