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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Customizing Jadetex

Juan R. Migoya writes:

 > 1) Surprise!! : Where is the official site to download the latest
 > OFFICIAL version > of Jadetex?


 > 2) Can I find out what version of fancyhdr do I need to work with
 > that version of jadetex.

yes, because now you have alerted me to the problem I will
embed the requirement in jadetex.dtx

 > It seems that the following lines in Jadetex:
 > \evensidemargin\LeftMargin
 > \evensidemargin\RightMargin
 > should be replaced by:
 > \ifnum\PageTwoSide=0
 >     \evensidemargin\LeftMargin
 >  \else
 >     \evensidemargin\RightMargin
 >  \fi
I am sure this is right

 > but I'm not sure because the previous one worked ok. May be a change
 > in the DSSSL of Norm. Sorry but I'm confused.

not half as much as I am. you have the advantage of *using* this stuff


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