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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Customizing Jadetex

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Juan R. Migoya writes:
>  > How can I customize Jadetex withou modifying the Jadetex.dtx file? I
> if there are substantial areas where you need to fiddle with JadeTeX,
> something is very wrong. Jadetex is supposed to be a black box, NOT
> something that you configure.
> I'd be very surprised indeed to find anything you need to know thats
> different in MikTeX, as opposed to whatever TeX I use, except how to
> build a format file.
> sebastian

Thanks for your reply.
In fact, yesterday I realized  there are problems with fancyhdr.sty and
jadetex: some versions fit together and some don't.

So, I think the right questions are:

1) Surprise!! : Where is the official site to download the latest OFFICIAL version
of Jadetex?

2) Can I find out what version of fancyhdr do I need to work with that version
of jadetex.

As an example:

Previously, Jadetex used:

\def\headheight{ 12pt }%

Now, it uses,


If you are not using the right fancyhdr, it complains about one of these sentences.

Another question:

It seems that the following lines in Jadetex:


should be replaced by:


but I'm not sure because the previous one worked ok. May be a change
in the DSSSL of Norm. Sorry but I'm confused.

Thanks again and regards,

Juan R. Migoya


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