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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Cross references

Dave Pawson writes:

> My general requirement, when producing html, is to have
> a hot link from the link content through to the idvalue
> shown in linkend attribute.
> E.g. <link linkend="idn">Hot content </link> linking through
> to whatever element has the corresponding 'idn' value as
> its id attribute.
> <example id="idn">This, to me, is a valid target, as might
> be a <para>, section, or <head> element.
> Am I in a minority with this one or would others like it
> extended.
> AFAIK, the only valid targets for linkend are 'major'
> wrapper elements, such as <sect1 <section etc.

AFAIK, <link>s work to anywhere.  What doesn't work to everywhere is
<xref>, presumably because of the inability to generate appropriate "hot"
text.  I generally avoid <link> altogether, because they don't show in
print versions.

Peter Eisentraut      peter_e@gmx.net       http://yi.org/peter-e/

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