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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Cross references

At 03:44 AM 3/20/01, M. Wroth wrote:
>You are not alone -- I would prefer <link> to allow any element with an ID 
>as a target.  To be honest, that's what I *thought* its behavior was :-)

It is Mark.

I'm trying to work to a rule,
Blame Norm, then instead of mailing him to complain,
sit and think for about an hour. 

Hasn't worked so far, but the logic goes, Norm has been there,
done that and fixed it months ago. Hence if you ruminate on it,
you'll find out what you are doing wrong.

In this case the 'target' of the link, defined by an id value,
wasn't an ID value, hence it failed.

When I made it valid, instead of well formed, they all started
working. Just like magic... OK then, Norm's forethought.

Regards DaveP,
now less willing to use well formed only.

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