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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Jade, WMF & RTF - a bad combination?

"Juan R. Migoya" <jmigoya@ingeteam.es> wrote:

> Check that you have defined
> (define %graphic-extensions%
> '("eps" "epsf" "gif" "tif" "tiff" "jpg" "jpeg" "png" "wmf"))

 This had no effect on its own. The real problem was that none of the
variables "preferred-mediaobject-notations",
"preferred-mediaobject-extensions", "acceptable-mediaobject-notations" and
"acceptable-mediaobject-extensions" from print/db31.dsl contained a
reference to wmf. After we added the following to our customization of the
print stylesheet, everything worked:

(define %graphic-default-extension% "wmf")

(define %graphic-extensions%
  '("eps" "epsf" "gif" "tif" "tiff" "jpg" "jpeg" "png" "wmf"))

(define preferred-mediaobject-notations
  (list "EPS" "PS" "JPG" "JPEG" "PNG" "WMF" "linespecific"))

(define preferred-mediaobject-extensions
  (list "eps" "ps" "jpg" "jpeg" "png" "wmf"))

I don't know if this is to be considered a bug, but now you all know :-)

Thanks for your suggestions!

Best regards,


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