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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Jade, WMF & RTF - a bad combination?

Check that you have defined

(define %graphic-extensions% 
	'("eps" "epsf" "gif" "tif" "tiff" "jpg" "jpeg" "png" "wmf"))

This is initially in dbparam.dsl


Juan R. Migoya

Rune Enggaard Jensen wrote:
> Actually, we know that the wmf files can be displayed in Word. We tried to
> reference a GIF-version of the illustration in our DocBook document, ran
> jade, found the reference to the picture in the generated RTF-file,
> substituted "wmf" for "gif" and displayed the document in Word - everything
> looked great. Our problem is, that there is absolutely no file reference in
> the generated RTF file when the filename extension is ".wmf"!
> We are puzzled!
> Best regards
>     Rune

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