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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: db2latex

Michel Goossens writes:
 > Urgent work to be done today is:
 > 1) Complete the XSL-FO part of Norm's stylesheets (as I said, tables need
 >    some work, since TeX's table model imposes constraints that make a
 >    general implementation quite involved).

I don't think Norm should be limited by what TeX can do. If we want
TeX to survive, we have to make it do whats required. I am fairly sure
that TeX's table handling should simply be abandoned, and tables built
up of cells by hand

 > 2) expand xmltex (especialy the math bit)

xmltex is a dead end, unless someone can understand it, since its
author will presumably not be developing it further

 > 3) complete db2latex (also in particular the math bit)
true, but that only solves the problem for Docbook

 > I think that a coordination of the effort spent in all of these areas
 > would be worthwhile to optimize resources.

true. if you think the TeX-based route has any real future.


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