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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Showing images in XMetal

Hi all,
I've been DocBooking in emacs (PSGML) for a couple of years now, but have
kept having trouble navigating through documents - especially finding it
difficult to find particular sections, etc.

I've now had a couple of weeks experimenting with XMetal, and find the
document preview mode great.  No, I'm not getting bogged down in document
formatting instead of content, but it does make it really easy to move
around the document - with chapter, sect1 and sect2 all formatted
differently, plus formatted tables.

My existing DocBook documents have all used the MediaObject - so that I can
specify the alternate phrase to show.  But, XMetal 2.1 only shows the actual
image when using a <graphic> inside a <figure>,  not when a <mediaobject> is

Can anybody give me tell me if it is possible for XMetal to show images
contained in mediaobjects as well as when they're contained in <graphic>s?

Many thanks,
Ian Mayo

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