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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Problems with pesentation of legalnotice with DSSSL

Declan Halpin writes:

> I am trying to modify how a legalnotice is printed in pdf. Basically I
> would like the citetitle markup centered on the page followed by the
> remaining paragraphs of the legalnotice. I have tried the following code
> below but the citetitle element gets printed before all paragraphs.... Does
> anyone have an idea on what I should change with the code to get my desired
> output.
> The following is a summary of the structure of my legalnotice in docbook xml.
> <legalnotice>
> <para>
> <citetitle>Copyright, Confidentiality and Disclaimer</citetitle>
> </para>

I think you want to use

<title>Copyright ...</title>

and leave the stylesheet alone.

If all you want is to center the title, override the form

(mode formal-object-title-mode (element title ...))

seen in file dbblock.dsl.

Peter Eisentraut   peter_e@gmx.net

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