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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: customized HTML-Layout of output files


I'm porting our documentations to DocBook to generate HTML-files for our
intranet. So far I sorted out how to manipulate the output by setting
differnet values in the 'html/param.xsl' and how to chunk the document into
many 'pieces' (thanks for the 'helping hand' from some listmembers).

Now I'm stuck, trying to get the generated output into our CI according
layout. I'm aware that this is probably a very simple matter. But after
going through the various .xsl-files, I'm completly confused where to put
the 'non DocBook-HTML' to make the output look like the rest of our site.

So far I tried to manipulate the 'docbook.xsl' but it didn't work the way I
expected it to.

What is a good and elegant way to get a manual similar to the PHP manual (
http://www.php.net/manual/en/ ).

I Hope this question isn't too demanding, but I'm really stuck.

Thanks a lot

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