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openjade will quite happily process XML*

So write in XML then pick the best tool (openjade, xsltproc or whatever)
to get the output you desire given the constraints of your environment.

There are various wrappers (xmlto, db2*) which demonstrate how to create
a cohesive environment. Alternatively you can use a Makefile driven

*assuming you are using a DTD rather than a schema to describe the XML
document - which you probably will be.

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 09:57, fyl2xp1 wrote:
> [Disclaimer, preamble; The following is a brief summary of some points
>  I am trying to clarify, these may be incorrect.  I disclaim their validity.
>  I would appreacheate some comments regarding this]
> I know this is a well contested argument, but this is not a troll or anything like that,
> I also understand that there is probably no definitive answer.
> I am creating a document on how to set up an SGML editing suite for Windows or
> Unix for the average computer beginner.  I have begun to wonder whether I should
> be encouraging the use of SGML instead of opting for XML because I would not
> want to disadvantage a group of people by getting them into using SGML Docbook
> instead of XML DocBook. Please bear in mind that I desire to:
> Create printable output and online output in the following formats:
> (TeX was included, although I understand this can only be a pseudo-tex,
>  not real TeX?, but a version which is used by JadeTeX as a sort-of
>  translation format?)
> Validation would be performed by onsgmls for both formats
> For SGML I would use openjade for the HTML, RTF and 
> pseudo-TeX, then the JadeTeX macro pack for the pseudo-tex 
> to pdf or dvi, then dvi to ps, and maybe pstopdf.
> For XML I would use xsltproc for the HTML and FO output
> FOP for FO to PDF, MIF, PCL or plain text. JFOR for FO to
> RTF. Or passiveTeX to create PDF output from FO then pdf2ps to
> create PS?
> My advantages and disadvantages to going XML are as follows:
> [Note, this is XML and SGML primarily in the context of DocBook]
> Advantages:
> XML is the "wave of the future", we can either ride it or sink?
> XML is more Internet oriented, the future is more Internet oriented?
> XML is simpler and perhaps less cumbersome than SGML?
> XML is easier to write tools for so the future will bring a bounty of them?
> XML implements Unicode which is rapidly becoming the new standard?
> The SGML DocBook will eventually dissappear.
> Disadvantages:
> SGML is a maturer technology hence is regarded as better?
> The SGML DocBook toolchain is easier to configure and setup?
> It is much easier to create printable output using the SGML toolchain?
> The XML tools are mostly written in JAVA which is slow?
> There are tools available to convert SGML to XML anyway so this is no bother?
> The DocBook XML syntax is so similar to the DocBook SGML syntax
> that conversion would be no bother?
> So it does actually seem as if the XML option would be viable, but
> perhaps a tutorial for both would be better.
> Regards

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