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At 09:57 3/07/2002 +0100, fyl2xp1 wrote:
For SGML I would use openjade for the HTML, RTF and
pseudo-TeX, then the JadeTeX macro pack for the pseudo-tex
to pdf or dvi, then dvi to ps, and maybe pstopdf.
For XML I would use xsltproc for the HTML and FO output
FOP for FO to PDF, MIF, PCL or plain text. JFOR for FO to
RTF. Or passiveTeX to create PDF output from FO then pdf2ps to
create PS?

For XML you have the choice of DSSSL stylesheets and the same toolset as for SGML, or of XSL stylesheets and a toolset such as you've indicated.

It is possible to use DSSL with XML markup for print output and XSL for HTML - my experience is that the DSSL approach is more complicated with a steeper learning curve when it comes to customising the stylesheets (unless you already speak Lisp).

Best regards,


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