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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Slow processing


Sorry if this is a common problem with an obvious solution, but I didn't
found anything about it.

I'm having performance problems with Docbook. I'm using saxon to process
a small set of pages, and sometimes between steps it just sits theres
and does nothing (the CPU is idle). It tracked this down to the fact
that Saxon downloads the DTDs everytime it needs them. Also, some
stylesheets import other, remote stylesheets and this isn't helping. It
is a really serious problem for me since my net access is quite
unreliable (I'm sharing it with lots of other people).

Am I missing something here? Some configuration parameter to specify a
local cache? It struck me as a serious problem. I kind of works for me,
but think of the people without a net access.

In the meantime, I went ahead and modified the stylesheet to make them
use local versions of the stylesheets and DTDs.

Best Regards,
David Garnier

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