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Subject: selective page breaks with subsections

  (one more in what will undoubtedly be a number of questions as i
churn out some 300 pages of manual over the next few days.)

  how painful/painless is it to do the following?  i want to 
have a page break before sections (*that* part is easy, based on
the attribute-set "section.title.level?.properties" -- i've
got that working nicely.)

  however, in some cases, i'd like a section level 2, inside
of which i'll have a number of level3s, and i *don't* want to 
have the first level 3 jump to a new page since it's *immediately*
after the level 2.

  consider one example from my manual:

  2.5  The format of UNIX commands
    2.5.1  Arguments
    2.5.2  Options

  note how my discussion on command formats is divided into subsections,
the very first one of which is "Arguments".  now, while i want each of
2.5.2, 2.5.3 and so on to break to a page, it's silly to have 2.5.1 do 
that since i'm just *starting* that section.

  is it reasonable to try to be doing this?  or is there another way
i should be looking at this semantically?  that is, when i start
that new section 2.5, i really should have some content before 
i start subsection 2.5.1?


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