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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website ToC questions

At 14:59 01/06/2003 +0200, Gerrit Kuilder wrote:
>Hello All,
>trying to improve at least my own website xsl stylesheets and am looking 
>at a menu that suits my tastes a liitle bit more.
>a)  A way to show only menu items that have the same toc levels as the 
>current page and showing menu items that are descendants of the current 
>page. (div class="curpage"> or maybe even only curpage and descendants?

http://www.dpawson.co.uk/xsl/sect2/sect21.html has parents; its siblings; 
and siblings of
the current node, as well as a toc element used for this nodes children.

>b) a you are here link which can take you quickly up the hierarchy.

top left, the pig image.

>  /you/are/here where 'you', 'are'  have links up the structure upto the 
> home page. I think this would be necessary if you use a)

See above. Home is the default text.

>c) a different way of the div's around menu items are generated. around 
>menu items  to enhance the formatting capabilities with css.

I can't help you here.

>The questions:
>1) have seen a 'use.toc.expand.depth' and 'toc.expand.depth' which seem 
>not to be used. Anyone can enlighten me on the possible use of these values?

I tried it, and found a little success, but its only for relatively small 
indexes IMO

>2) Has anyone implemented either the div/CSS  bit under  c) or the menu 
>display under a)

Not really. I've only decorated output with css.

>2a) Anyone willing to share pointers/code?

If I can.

>3)  how would one go about making my  menu requirement an enhancment of 
>the website dtd/xsl? So one could add parameters to config or param.xsl.

Same approach as with docbook;
Own customisation, then call up the default website stylesheets.

>3a) That is if people think it would be an enhancement.

>I have hacked my webiste xsl  in a horrible way and keep doing it 'my 
>way', otherwise I can try and write it in 'our way' .
>It becomes pretty clear that above makes sense is when you go to

What do you think is missing from the html on this site?

regards DaveP

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