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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website ToC questions

Hello all

http://www.dpawson.co.uk/xsl/sect2/sect21.html has parents; its siblings; and siblings of
the current node, as well as a toc element used for this nodes children.
Looks like it is done in class=" navhead" I will disect that  part of the xsl sheets , or is that the whole menu?

1) have seen a 'use.toc.expand.depth' and 'toc.expand.depth' which seem not to be used. Anyone can enlighten me on the possible use of these values?
The questions:

I tried it, and found a little success, but its only for relatively small indexes IMO
But what does it do/mean?
2a) Anyone willing to share pointers/code?

If I can.
please do....


What do you think is missing from the html on this site?
The menu becomes pretty convulated  and it is not clear where one is.

I rather have a menu on the left hand like:

baby <- curpage

and above a 'hierachy' menu  that that has the hierarchy:  familyarchive / kuilder / lubbert / familie, where each item is clickable too.

I will dig into the code that generates the menu, unfortunatly it is one of the xsl files that is not well-documented yet.


Gerrit Kuilder

Jeg holder påskeferie hele ugen.
Med venlig hilsen

Gerrit Kuilder

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