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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website ToC questions

Ok I spend a little while on the menu's, wasted time due to a stupid 
errror on my side and finally came up with soime ideas that need to be 
worked out.

 I have managed to generate a top level only menu conatining only the 
toplevel tocentry's and the basic logic for a you / are /here menu ( I 
haven't formatted it properly but it works).
The way I have achieved this gave me an few more ideas, a menu (or to 
put it better: a navigation system) that is in three parts.
a) A you / are /here type of menu to get you quickly to other parts of 
the website
b)A vertical higher level menu that contains the levels above the 
current page
c) A horizontal menu containing all the pages on the same level and an 
option to go up one level (the parent)

Unfortunatly I don't have much time at the moment, I do need to rewrite 
a few things and then work out the above mentioned ideas.

It is based on using the 'curpage' (look for that in toc-tabular.xsl) 
and from there  generate the three types of menu's.

And then look at a good way of integrating it with the XSL stylesheets 
as delivered. (and I think I mentioned I hacked my stylesheets in a 
horrible way that integration will not be easy.

I will let you know the status (or have a look at the webpages)

And Norm: you are not alone: http://www..kuilder.net/personal/spam.html

Jeg holder påskeferie hele ugen.
Med venlig hilsen

Gerrit Kuilder

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