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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] slides XSL: localizing the localization

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 06:27:58PM +0200, Justus H. Piater wrote:
> > Well, this is the general method for extending
> > a localization.  I'm not sure about the double namespace
> > declaration, though.  Why not use:
> >
> > <xsl:param name="local.l10n.xml" select="document('')"/> 
> >   <l:i18n xmlns:l="http://docbook.sourceforge.net/xmlns/l10n/1.0";>
> >     <l:l10n language="fr">
> >       <l:gentext key="Continued" text="(Continué)"/>
> >       ...
> >
> > Can you be more specific about what you mean
> > by "the English option is lost"?
> > What error messages are you seeing?
> If I request lang="en", then I get the following from xsltproc:
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> No template for "/slides" (or any of its leaves) exists
> in the context named "title" in the "en" localization.
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> No "en" localization of "Continued" exists.
> I guess the problem is that the above construct is used in the slides
> XSL file to add the slides-specific English localization to the
> docbook XSL definitions. My own definition in my customization layer
> then hides/overrides the definition in the slides XSL file.
> I guess, the question is then: Is there a way to "add something" to
> that param?
> Perhaps a cleaner solution would be for the slides XSL to avoid using
> local.l10n.xml to keep it accessible to the end user, and do some
> other wizardry for slides-specific localization?
> Tell me if I'm interpreting things correctly...

You have it right.  slides is a customization that
uses the local.l10n.xml customization parameter.
It wouldn't be easy to add a third layer that
would have to be checked each time a gentext string
is needed.

In your case, you should copy the existing 
<xsl:param name="local.l10n.xml" select="document('')"/>
from fo-plain.xsl to your customization file
and further customize it.  You will need to
use xsl:import to pull in fo-plain.xsl so your param
definition has import precedence.  I haven't
tested it, but it should work.


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                                            email: bobs@sco.com

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