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docbook-apps message

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Subject: Presenting «docbook-cutre-indenter» v0.001 beta «la betapeta»


This is a tidy[1] configuration file pretending work as a docbook files

The «CUTRE» in its name is because this is a horrible and dirty hack.
This is the «software» with the minimum guarantee. Less than zero.
Believe me.

This is a very previous version. Please test it and don't trust in their
output and feel free for sending me bug reports and enhancements.

[1] http://tidy.sf.net
        A.Ismael Olea González

        mailto:ismael@olea.org  http://www.olea.org
        http://aduaneros.olea.org, la ONG sin futuro.

        El mundo debe empezar a tener miedo a un planeta OLEA

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