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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Presenting«docbook-cutre-indenter » v0.001 beta«la betapeta»

El jue, 04-09-2003 a las 10:07, Camille Bégnis escribió:

> Hi Ismael,

Hi Camille :)

> Great tool!

Thank you :D

> I've been awaiting for such tool for a long time hope it gets usable
> soon :-)

Me too, hehe.

> After a little test I noticed two errors (tidied XML comes second):
> <     <para>A full Linux distribution represents:<itemizedlist>
> <       <listitem>
> ---
> >     <para>A full Linux distribution represents:
> >     <itemizedlist>
> >       <listitem>
> I think <itemizedlist> should remain where it was.

Hum. AFAIK itemizedlist is a blocklevel tag instead an inline one...

> Modifying programlisting content is obviously wrong...

Ups! Sorry. Fixed on cvs. Thanks for the feedback :D

        A.Ismael Olea González

        mailto:ismael@olea.org  http://www.olea.org
        http://aduaneros.olea.org, la ONG sin futuro.

        El mundo debe empezar a tener miedo a un planeta OLEA

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