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Subject: before i forget, a summary so far

  before all this starts to blur together, the observations over
the past day or so related to generating PDF via xsltproc and FOP:


    a <callout> does not handle multiple "arearefs" values very well --
  apparently, the space allocated for the display of the callout bug
  in the <calloutlist> is fixed and additional bugs associated with 
  the same <callout> are pushed to the next line after the first two.


    it sure looks like the attribute text-align="start" should be added
  to the attribute-set "verbatim.properties", unless there's a good
  reason why it wasn't there in the first place.


    to handle mono font terms, more space should be allocated for the
  display of the term (already dealt with by bob s. in CVS).

    there may be a hyphenation issue as well since, if you try to use
  a gibberish term like "XXXXXXXXX", the result displayed is just as much
  as will fit in the calculated space, and the rest is dropped to the following
  line, with no hyphenation.

    also, at least for me, trying to display two terms /bin and /usr/bin
  for the same <varlistentry> produced the PDF output:


  i have no idea where the intermediate space went.

  i think that's everything so far.


p.s.  and, all of this aside, is it true that xsltproc has the
aforementioned problem with merging attribute-set's??  i find that
hard to believe since it's such a critical feature.  anyone know for

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