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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] (newbie) page numbers in header

David Cramer (Tech Pubs)wrote:
 > Actually, it wouldn't bore me to hear why you chose a DocBook-based
 > tool chain.

thanks for your help. Sometimes things are so simple :) ...

MThe story behind me switching to DocBook is quite simple and quickly told:

I finally decided to completely switch from Windows to Linux a year or 
two ago. I wrote all my documentation with FrameMaker (FM) but since 
there is no Linux version of this software I had to use VMware.

There now is an approach that documentation should be managed and 
released with help of a CVS since our developers should be able to read 
and correct "their" parts. The native FM file format is a binary one and 
can not simply be checked in into a CVS. A really huge CVS system would 
be the result. Additionally single-source publishing would be nice 
because I'd like to add HTML online help to our products without writing 
stuff twice.

So I needed an easy-to-write, easy-to-maintain format which brought XML 
to my mind. Our output format for online distribution as well as for 
print is PDF. I learned about DocBook while I was looking for an 
applikation which can output HTML and/or PDF from XML. That's it in 
short :) ...

Now I'm making my first steps with DocBook ...


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