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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to specify out resolution for FO

> In my experience, it is always easier to prepare production files in such a 
> way that they are optimized for the equipment of the print shop doing your 
> production. It saves lots of time, both sides, and increases the chances of 
> getting production to the state of being a "repeatable process". This state 
> is often found in organizations that apply engineering processes to their 
> production.
> When files are not optimized, any number of tweaks may be required during 
> production, theses steps may be forgotten during future print runs. The 
> result being inconsistent quality.  


I've looked through PDF specification and generated sample images in Acrobat
Distiller just to confirm.

The only difference is the way raster images are stored; namely if you have
a high resolution image and target a low resolution device, the image is scaled
down before embedding into PDF.

Nothing else.

And this very functionality is easily achieved with stylesheet parameters, choosing
different images for different resolutions. Moreover, this solution will give better
and more predictable quality.

> So, as far as I can see, providing you have Acrobat Distiller, the route to 
> obtaining PDF with a higher resolution should be something like this:

There is no such thing as PDF with higher resolution. The only difference is
raster images, which are scaled down before inserting for lower resolutions.

> how do we get resolution into our PS files? I think we're back to square one.

RenderX XEP provides processing-instructions to embed printer specific commands
into Postscript output. You can use DocBook customization layer to add as many
as you like.

David Tolpin

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