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Subject: Rendering MathML in Docbook

Hi there,

I think I have asked once before in text.xml, but .. no answer.

What is the status on rendering of MathML xml embedded inDocBook ?

I can view my stuff in Mozilla but not print it very well

I can transform to fo (I use xml docbook) with at least Xalan-J, but 
using PassiveTex to get even simple documents (no math) to pdf form 
yields very bad results - loose page formatting and bits and pieces of 
Tex markup rendered into the pdf as text.

Will it make any difference to PassiveTex if I transform to fo as sgml ?

And are there other ways of getting from fo to pdf or ps ?
Extracting all the math snippets into files, rendering each separately 
using some other program, and then transforming the DocBook document to 
include images instead of math is even OK, too, but has somebody seen 
this solution anywhere (or just a MathML renderer) ?

Or, even, a complete source transform to Tex. Getting desparate.


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