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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: [Q] multilingual website?

At 18:46 14/03/2004, Steinar Bang wrote:
> >>>>> Dave Pawson <dpawson@nildram.co.uk>:
> > Yet other than Norm's presentation notes, I've not seen it
> > documented anywhere.
> > http://nwalsh.com/docs/tutorials/xsltuk2001/index.html
> > Perhaps it deserves more limelight?
>But it's not exactly what I've looking for, I think.  The above link
>is about localization of generated texts.

But could be applied more generally?
The principles are still valid

>What I want is
>  - two languages with identical structure
>  - as single point of change as possible
>For the website files, I had thought to do <phrase> and profiling on
>lang.   This quickly gets cluttered, I agree.  But I plan to have very
>simple website files, and only two languages (Norwegian and English).
>But there is no way to do this for the <title> elements of <tocentry>
>elements, in the layout.xml file, I think...?  Or is there...?

I was thinking of taking those ideas and extending to a document content.
(brain dump)

Main document contains structure, and references to the text, and
the required languages. Format is empty block level elements, with perhaps
numbered references to simple blocks of text with inline markup.

The .en or .fr files hold the content, in the appropriate language.
One, call it the original, is identified, all others are translations
of that file, with any inline markup.

Does the idea make sense?

regards DaveP

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