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Subject: Re: [Q] multilingual website?

>>>>> Dave Pawson <dpawson@nildram.co.uk>:

> As a general note, and very much in my humble opinion, I think
> docbook's multi-lingual approach is about as sophisticated as I've
> come across.

> Yet other than Norm's presentation notes, I've not seen it
> documented anywhere.
> http://nwalsh.com/docs/tutorials/xsltuk2001/index.html
> Perhaps it deserves more limelight?


But it's not exactly what I've looking for, I think.  The above link
is about localization of generated texts.

What I want is
 - two languages with identical structure
 - as single point of change as possible

For the website files, I had thought to do <phrase> and profiling on
lang.   This quickly gets cluttered, I agree.  But I plan to have very
simple website files, and only two languages (Norwegian and English).

But there is no way to do this for the <title> elements of <tocentry>
elements, in the layout.xml file, I think...?  Or is there...?


- Steinar

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