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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Setting doctype in output files

Selon "Justus H. Piater" <Justus.Piater@ULg.ac.be>:

> See the write.chunk template in the DocBook XSL stylesheets,
> or use it directly.

I am doing the same kind of thing. But when i look at write.chunk, i see that it
checks which extension is available (exsl:document, saxon:output,
xalanredirect:write) and uses the first one found, in that order. Each can
specifiy the doctype except xalanredirect. I am using Xalan-J (shipped with the
jsdk2 1.4.2-04), and it seems not to support exsl:document because i get this
error when processing :

Erreur XSLT (javax.xml.transform.TransformerException): For extension element,
could not find method

Then looking at the javadoc (google exsltcommon xalan), i can see the
ExsltCommon only has two methods, none of which is "document" ; so it is quite
normal it fails. But am am a little surprised it is not supported...

If i made a mistake, i'd be happy to have a solution, and of course any comment
is welcome :-)

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