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Subject: DocBook, LaTeX and PDF

I'm a newbie to Docbook, although I experimented with it about 3-4
years ago when Docbook-SGML was the only option.  I've just converted
a large document (15000 lines) from TeXinfo to Docbook-XML, and I'm in
the process of re-writing the document.

As I search the web looking for Docbook-to-LaTeX instructions, I often
find emails and newsgroup postings that are over 3 or 4 years old.  I
believe I've found all of the major tools/scripts I need to
successfully convert my document to LaTeX, but I'm running into a few
issues.  I'm just wondering if anyone has had success with this.  Has
anyone documented their process, if they have had success?  I know
that HTML is becoming more popular option, but we need a PDF of our
document.  Is there another way to create a PDF from Docbook other
than via XSL-FO?  The process will probably work for me eventually,
I'm just trying to un-confuse myself.


Joseph Sheehan
Washington University in St Louis
Systems Science and Mathematics

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