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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Problems with unicode character encoding output


Thanks for the customization layer. That inserted the meta tag as expected.
However, I still get lots of "┬" characters everywhere (example: ┬ Chapter┬ 1.┬
Primary Teachings┬ ) when doing a chunked xhtml output. 

Also, my browsers (I tried different ones) still don't "remember" the character
encoding manually specified. If I select UTF-8, the page appears as expected.
But as soon as you go to the next page (or refresh), the encoding always
changes to "Central European", even with the auto-select set to "off". No have
no idea how this could be happening. 

Other than ┬ characters being inserted, when I look at my xhtml source code,
character entities get replaced by some other weird code(example: for the
letter a with macron -- unicode decimal #257 or hex #x0101 -- it inserts "─ü")

Furthermore, with the following customization, it works perfectly when doing an
html output (absolutely no other changes). Is it possibly a bug in the xhtml

<xsl:template name="user.head.content">
  <xsl:if test="contains(system-property('xsl:vendor'), 
     'SAXON') or contains(system-property('xsl:vendor'), 'Apache')">
    <meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"
<xsl:param name="saxon.character.representation">entity;decimal</xsl:param>
<xsl:output encoding="UTF-8" indent="no" method="html"/>
<xsl:param name="chunker.output.encoding">UTF-8</xsl:param>

Thanks again

Rene Hache

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