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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] About callout icons

Le lundi 17 janvier 2005, Alexander Karnstedt disait :

>The SVG file embeds a PNG image. Note that the SVG-tag has "mm" size 
>attributes additionally to the viewbox attribute. The viewbox is a bit 
>wider than the PNG because the callouts placed at the margin and an 
>according polyline points from the callout to the desired area inside 

Thanks Alexander.

With you help I made the change in my svg file to have it exactly as I
expected in my PDF output.

In the svg file, I've put a width and height in mm with value that are
not those of the size of the image. But the viewbox is the image size.

If I interstood, the width and height parameters are the size of the
result of the SVG transformation, which will be include in the PDF file.

Thanks again.

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